The Benefits of Online Mediation

Online family mediation is an effective alternative to traditional mediation – and has been successful in resolving marital and premarital disputes as well as family property and estate conflicts.  At a time in our history when so many of us are cautious about leaving our homes and having face-to-face interaction with people outside of our immediate families, an in-person mediation experience can be created in a secure virtual environment with the help of technology.  

By using online videoconferencing platforms for joint mediation sessions or private caucuses, the telephone for one-on-one private conversations between clients and their lawyers, and email for simple document sharing, the most important elements of mediation can be recreated virtually. Additionally, the parties involved can participate comfortably from their own homes (or their attorneys’ offices), and the costs of mediation, especially where travel or other related expenses would be required, may be lower. For couples in high-conflict situations, the virtual environment provides them the ability to mediate without having to be in close physical proximity to their spouse or partner. 

The Covid-19 crisis may have amplified the need for certain virtual services, but online mediation has been practiced for many years and has proved to be very effective in resolving disputes. If you would like to learn more about the process, the software or anything else related to online mediation, please contact us.


From Crisis to Catharsis: Mediating for Positive Change

During a divorce, negative thoughts and emotions including fear, anger, guilt, mistrust and frustration, are common. In the case of a litigated divorce, individuals rarely have the opportunity to fully express these emotions or otherwise tell their stories. Rules of evidence in formal court proceedings usually disallow narrative formats, and judges often maintain that personal family matters should remain confidential. Yet, much like a balloon that is pumped with air until it bursts, emotions that are not released can build up and create enormous pressure psychologically and otherwise. Settlement may be accomplished, but true healing may never be achieved.


The Mediated Prenup

For couples getting married, much time is often spent planning the wedding and honeymoon, as well as discussing where to live, what to spend and how to raise children. In keeping with this goal to plan for the future, it may be just as beneficial for these couples to talk about, and put in writing, what will happen if they don't live happily ever after. After all, divorce is a reality that exists in approximately half of all first marriages (and more in second and third marriages).


Is Mediation Right for Us?

Mediation is often a better choice for families than litigation for many reasons. First and foremost, mediation works. Research shows that couples who mediate an agreement are more satisfied with the agreement and more likely to comply with the agreement than those who take their chances in court. I refer to some of the additional benefits of mediation as the Seven Cs: